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Helping Women move away from Self-criticism toward self-compassion


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Tyndal Schreiner, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Serving Clients in the State of Texas


Based in the Texas Hill Country

Hi, I’m Tyndal

I’m a licensed therapist who is passionate about working with women to move away from self-criticism and toward self-compassion. I help clients love themselves a little more and make sense of their experiences.

I’m also a registered yoga teacher, writer, and a mental health advocate. 

Whatever brought you here, I’m so glad you are here! Feel free to do a little explorin’ on this site and reach out if you think we may be a good fit!

Therapeutic Approach

  • Trauma-informed 

  • Mind-Body

  • Mindfulness-based Strategies

  • EMDR

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Trauma-informed Mindfulness

  • Body Awareness 

  • Parts Work

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Texas Hill Country

/  Tel. 254.220.7302

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