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Personal Development for Helping Professionals

modern teachings + collaboration for folks who are really good at caring for everyone but themselves

The relationship we have with ourselves is one of the most important ones we will ever have.


Hi I’m Tyndal. I’m so glad you are here!

I'm a licensed therapist, mentor, and writer who is known by thousands of women across the globe for sharing my knowledge + experience with some humor and an open heart.


I'm on a mission to support helpers + therapists + entrepreneurs as they deepen their self-compassion practice and feel empowered to bring their true selves and gifts to the world... while I share openly about my own path of doing the same. I'm passionate about helping people build relationships with themselves.

Let’s trade in exhaustion and pleasing others for rediscovering who we really are. Let’s trade in forced gratitude and acting like we are okay for authenticity and honoring how we actually feel. Let's balance the daily grind with sustainable self-care.

I’m not an expert on you. I never will be. I hope my work guides you back to the true expert:  yourself.


I’m so glad you found your way here. I can't wait to connect with you.

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Texas Hill Country, U.S.A

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“finding the edge of the thread​

she begins to uncover a different 


of being

of knowing

of loving

her gaze steadies

her heartbeat settles

finding trust in herself

she finds the expansion that comes with liberation

she finds her true self 

there all along

waiting, just as it was



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