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Hi, I'm Tyndal

I’m an old soul, a listener, and a life-long learner that values honesty and authenticity. 

I’m a Texan, a dog mom, a wife and a feminist. 

I’m an IFS therapist and mentor, educator, advocate, and writer.


My Story

I started on the path to become a therapist because I wanted to spend my life helping others. While I found that path, I also accidentally stumbled upon 10 years of finding compassion for myself.

I began as a chronic "self-improver"... always achieving, always striving, always trying so hard to be a "better" human.

Then something shifted. The people in my life didn't want me to be "better". They wanted me to give myself grace. They wanted me to slow down. They wanted me to see my goodness was inherent, not earned. They wanted me to see that I was worthy of care and love exactly as I was. They wanted me to see in myself what I saw so clearly in others.

So, I tried. For them, at first. And then for me. And I watched my life change. My world became a better place to be.


As I continued to work with others while also doing my own work, I came to see so clearly how the world becomes a better place when people learn to value themselves; all parts of themselves, not just the parts we have been praised for.

So, I started writing about my experiences and people began to connect with me from all over the world because my words were resonating. 

I fell in love with sharing what I had learned over the last decade not only in my work with clients and peers, but also into conversations with other women, on social media, on podcasts, and in the media.


I left the traditional path that was laid out for me to live out the same values I help other women rediscover for themselves: authenticity, freedom, love over fear, empowerment and peace.

When I’m not working in my little home office with my pups and chatting about all things mental health, you can find me sipping coffee or cabernet in the Texas Hill Country likely tapping my foot to some live music or curled up in a weighted blanket by candlelight with my crew. 


I’m so glad you found your way here. I’m excited that you, too, are looking for deeper ways of understanding yourself. You deserve it. We all do.

Official Bio

Tyndal Schreiner is an educator, Licensed Professional Counselor, consultant, and writer who specializes in women's mental health and wellness. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with Honors and holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor where she received the Professional Recognition Award, Outstanding Student Award, and the Graduate School Dean’s Award. She has worked in private practice, community mental health, in-home care, academic research, and has a passion for implementing trauma-informed care in all that she does. She has advanced training in multiple modalities including Internal Family Systems (Level 3), EMDR, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Tyndal’s mission is to help people find compassion for themselves, make sense of their experiences, and feel empowered to bring their true selves and gifts to the world. She lives in the Texas Hill Country with her husband and two dogs. 

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