A gift from me to you:

A 7-day course to kick-off your self-compassion practice.

Dear Reader,

I know you are fantastic at loving and caring for others. It's time you got some of that love + care, too.


Caring for others without caring for ourselves is a quick path to burnout and resentment.

Many folks think one path to loving ourselves is to battle the harsh voices in our head. My approach is different. I think those harsh voices are deserving of compassion, too. When we learn to turn toward all parts of us with care, we can stop fighting ourselves all the time. It sounds counterintuitive, I know. Come see what I'm talking about in the course!

Walk through this 7 day experience with me. Bring a notebook and a curious heart, and I'll see you there.

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Woo! See ya there!

This series of emails is NOT a replacement for mental health care and is not considered mental health treatment in any way. This course is informative in nature and Tyndal asks that you honor your own boundaries when participating in the reflection portion of the email. If you are in significant distress or need mental health treatment, please contact a local, licensed mental health professional in your area or a crisis line or warm line. Tyndal is not available for one-on-one support in any way.