The Self-Compassionate Woman

modern teachings + collaboration for millennial women who are really good at loving everyone but themselves

Picture "her" with me...

There's something about her... that feels kind, sturdy, and real.


She's kind to herself on her good days and her bad days.

She's gotten better at doing the hard things in life, because she believes in her capability and in acts of love for her future.

She rests. She plays. She lives. She creates a life built on her values. She hurts. She struggles. She knows the struggle won't consume her, because she has learned to be a friend to herself, and she carries this with her everywhere. Life doesn't feel like such a battle anymore.

The "shoulds" still pop up..."I should be doing more..."

"I should be better about..." "I should have said..."

But she hears these differently and she knows they come from a good place. Shame is no longer the driving force in her life.


She reaches for self-care as an act of kindness, not survival. She loves others wholeheartedly, but not in a way that feels so depleting anymore. She no longer feels like she is standing directly in her own way of what she wants... and she actually knows what she wants.

She enjoys time with herself. She trusts herself. There is a peace and strength that follows her, one she didn't think was possible.

We deserve to feel more like her.

Sometimes, women come to me looking to become their "best self" but through working together they start to see that their best self has been there all along. They begin to notice the inherent goodness already inside of them.

Our lives change when we stop drowning in "shoulds" and self-criticism. We deserve better.  It's not about looking perfect or handling things perfectly or being perfectly kind. It's about softening toward our imperfections and creating lives that we enjoy. It's about learning how to be a friend to ourselves on our worst days - because there will always be more bad days to come. It makes sense that we are all so hard on ourselves; and it's also possible to explore a different way of being and living. Come explore with me.


All parts of you are welcome here.

My approach to teaching and self-compassion invites women to have compassion for all parts of themselves, not just the ones that we've been conditioned to believe are worthy.

My advanced training helps guide students from a deeply informed place. 

Come unlearn our conditioning with me, and watch your life shift.

P.S. Internal Family Systems informs much of the way I live and work. 

As of now, I am not accepting clients for one-on-one teaching workshops. However, I will be hosting live virtual workshops for groups over the course of 2022. Sign up below to be the first to know about these offerings. 


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When Tyndal is in a teaching role, she is not in a therapist role although she is a licensed therapist. She uses her license when she is engaged in a consensual therapeutic relationship with a therapy client and they have agreed upon a written contract. Her workshops are not therapy or counseling, are NOT a replacement for mental health care, and are not considered mental health treatment in any way. They are informative in nature and Tyndal asks that you honor your own boundaries when participating. These workshops are not for you if you are in significant distress or need mental health treatment. If you are in significant distress or need mental health treatment, please contact a local, licensed mental health professional in your area or a crisis line or warm line. Tyndal is not available for one-on-one support.

I'm not the expert on you. I never will be. I hope my work guides you back to the true expert: yourself